Project Plan

With any luck, ETA is summer 2020

The work for this project has a lot of external depndencies and a relatively low priority in the grand scheme.

Rough Expectations

Things will be done in roughly this order:

  1. Build out some brownfield projects in the gitlab group
  2. Define group structure to support these projects
  3. Identify the improvements that generically work
  4. Reduce the selected path down to those allowed by the org
  5. Create a snapshot of the revolution-in-progress in the repos
  6. Document it from different perspectives, talk about next steps for each

For this to be comprehensive, it will need to include a lot of gitlab project settings, runner configs, repos, pipelines, groups, and likely persistent test environments using Tomcat and IIS and other systems.

The stacks on the docket include:

  • ASP
  • Websphere
  • SAS

Also some generic articles about mindset, pipelines, security constraints, and other topics will be added as they’re completed.

meta  plan