Just Javascript Mini Course

A delightful course on some Javascript basics

Most people these days have written some javascript. This may not be true of humanity (though I wouldn’t bet either way), but it is definitely true of the Brownfield.dev audience.

Taking a couple of hours to revisit the basics is actually fun.

Javascript course is fun?

I used the word “delightful” in the subtitle literally. The course at JustJavascript.com is full of moments that delight. The pleasant design, spacious padding, varied boldness, and diagrams are delightful to behold and easy to understand.

Drawing my own shitty diagrams in the browser on my phone while relaxing was delightful. I marveled at my own terrible sense of where to put boxes and how to draw lines.

The quizzes were low stress and furthered the information delivery in a more active fashion. No punishing or score keeping.

What about that one case sensitive question?

There was one. It really served to highlight the fact that the rest was an earnest attempt to land moderately complex topics without resorting to nit picking or trickery.

straight to the job marketplace with this bad boy!

Just Javascript Certificate

straight to the job marketplace with this bad boy!

But you already were a Javasript master

Sure, I’ve written 12,000,000 or so lines of Javascript. But undefined and null were only ever reasons to look for typos. Protoypes were “something for later.” The linter says 3 equal signs … okay.

There were quite a few low hanging fruit that I never bothered to integrate into my mental model. Some of those millions of lines use multiple arrays to capture and relate data that should be properties on an object. I learned C first so I treat variables like named memory addresses for a certain type of bits unless they have a *, but it turns out Javascript is pointers all the way down. And they point at literals or nonsense depending on what you’re doing.

There are currently only 10 lessons but there are many revelations per lesson that make the price for admission worth it.


I want more pretty learning. If there are other beautiful courses on ubiquitous programming languages, statistics, AI, marketing, whatever… share them.

No disclaimer

I found it and paid for it and took it without any conpensation or discussion with the authors or anything. This is an unsolicited review that just happens to he gushing with praise.