Highlighting and sharing patterns to enable new approaches and increase velocity on old applications. Just as a car undergoes a binary conversion from “new” to “used” as soon as it leaves the lot, so do custom applications.

Kubernetes Problems to Solve

GitLab's delightful Kubernetes development workflow

One of GitLab’s strengths is creating productivity-boosting constraints that positively impact system architecture and DevOps cycles. This is very clear in the Kubernetes-powered workflow, but discovering this can be impossible if an org is already locked into an ops-focused Kubernetes deployment.

Also, Kubernetes is entirely optional so don’t force it before the operations team is ready. Avoid ClickOps, even if that means delaying orchestration.

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Approaching Data

Benefits of modernization and strategy to get started

The relational database approach where all data is normalized and business logic runs in stored procedures creates maintainability problems that create unlimited risk and cost over time. Every year of continued database operation puts the product and organization further behind.

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Tweet New Posts Automatically-ish

Using pipeline jobs to automate social interaction

This is not related to brownfield technology, but it is something that can be done to help with handbook updates and other non-code sorts of projects. This recipe has some interesting ingredients such as GitLab CI, a Twitter API warpper for Go, Twitter Apps, GitLab Pages workflow, A Docker Container, and the route-map file.

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Brownfield Me: Deep Work

Focus and distraction on your terms

Maybe you’ve noticed recently, or a long time ago, that getting stuff done just isn’t so easy anymore. Redoubling efforts doesn’t seem to make up the gap. Intentions and expectations are lowered and still quality or schedules are suffering. It’s not an easy cycle to break, but there are lots of approaches to try!

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