What's Up?

So how are things?

As-of posting this, Mike is moving from GitLab to Coder. The purpose of this site and the gitlab.com group are not changing, though the day-to-day problems to solve are likely to be more about Developer Experience going forward.

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Coder Enterprise vs Raw Code-Server

Comparing my Frankenstein code-server with Coder Enterprise

Coder recently made their enterprise offering free for up to 10 developers. Since my solution, which I will henceforth call “ICSW”, supports 1 developer, it is well within that limit. I configured a new namespace in the same cluster to run the Coder Enterprise system to see how they compare.

TL;DR: Coder Enterprise has a lot of benefits for centrally managed code-server deployments as well as a multi-image workflow.

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iPad Code-Server Owns Its Namespace

Code-server pod can create resources in its namespace

The new capability is running additional pods and services (and ingress and statefulsets) within the development namespace using the developer service account. This limited access role can’t impact other services but can start a container and use internal DNS and services to access them.

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iPad and Code-Server in Kubernetes Workflow

Building software with a comfortable device and capable tools

Pushing the limits of mobility and performance has become easier now that the iPad Pro has the Magic Keyboard and Visual Studio Code can be web-based as code-server.

TL;DR: It’s pretty nice but has some shortcomings. This article covers both the workflow and configuration.

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